Welcome to New Life Christian Academy! We are excited that joining our returning group of highly qualified and experienced professional educators, God is adding new, highly motivated and qualified teachers to our staff!
Today we want to introduce our "Peaceful Mentor", Ms. Iliana Luna.
As your 5th or 6th grade child tackles one of the toughest periods of personal development, you can have peace of mind that he/she is in under the steady influence of our "Peaceful Mentor"!
Ms. Luna's approach with this chaotic period of your child's life is to provide a balance of creative fun with academic proficiency.
Our "Peaceful Mentor" has a Masters degree in Social Services which gives you confidence that your child is receiving the benefits of some of the latest sociological advances in our current society!
Ms. Luna enjoys sharing her passion in music and literature especially reading. You can't help but appreciate the calming affect music and reading will have when developed in the classroom by our "Peaceful Mentor"!
Stability, confidence, self-control, and motivation are just a few of the character building traits our "Peaceful Mentor" will instill in your child by personal example and patient reinforcement on a daily basis.
While face-to-face instruction is our "Peaceful Mentor's" preferred method of instruction, Ms. Luna is proficient in information technology and computer literacy making virtual education less stressful and time consuming.