Welcome to New Life Christian Academy, a low cost, private school with amenities that are unparalleled in the El Paso area!
Our teachers are the best discovery you will find in your search for excellence in educational options!
Today we introduce you to our "Truth Seeker", Mrs. Darlene Gaither!
Our "Truth Seeker" loves the adventure of bringing truth by "digging up" educational concepts so they become a part of your child's life.
Mrs. Gaither takes her role as "Truth Seeker" as seriously as hiking and exploring in God's creation! She uncovers foundational concepts and assists your child explore and achieve mastery over any mental difficulty during the learning process.
Her continuing education and experience in challenges to learning that frustrate you and your child, make our "Truth Seeker" the ideal companion in your child's character development!
As a godly mother and active participant in her community and church, our "Truth Seeker" is unafraid to share her "Life Lessons" to build your child's self esteem as well as encouraging questions about God and His Word, the Bible.
Our "Truth Seeker" helps your child, "...soars on wings like eagles..." (Isaiah 40:31) as he/she begins to explore and discover who they are, what abilities and talents God has given them and where their interests lie for what their future holds.
Please watch our "Truth Seeker's" video and
come and see what your child's "New Life" could be! Set up an appointment with our administrative assistant, Mrs. Valerie Cruz by phone/text at 915-216-7199 or by email at valeriea.cruz@gmail.com