Welcome to New Life Christian Academy! We continue our introduction of the greatest treasures any parent wants to see for their child's education...our teachers!
Today we are introducing our 2nd Grade "Godly Grandma", Mrs. Becky Melin!
Some of the fondest memories children have is of their grandma! Mrs. Melin is that extra special grandma every child wishes they had!
The love and care of our "Godly Grandma" extend far beyond mere words as she is constantly giving of her own resources to insure your child is happy, healthy and intelligent (from her teaching!)
Our "Godly Grandma" guides your little one with a firm and steady hand through the sometimes confusing transition from an introduction to letters and sounds to more fundamental educational concepts.
Our "Godly Grandma's" educational goals include more than rudimentary concepts as her desire is to see your child develop in character, morals and spiritual awareness.
Just as a grandma should, our "Godly Grandma" sees the good in your child and strives to overcome the shortcomings with her love and understanding!
Just as you would expect from a "Godly Grandma", ours prays every day over your child and teaches him/her about God, prayer, and how all of life's answers can be found in the Bible! Through her guidance, your child will "...soar on wings like eagles...!" (Isaiah 40:31)
Please watch her video and make an appointment to come and meet this amazing Godly Grandma who will love your child and encourage them to "grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18)
For more information about Mrs. Melin and the school in general, set up an appointment with our administrative assistant, Mrs. Valerie Cruz by phone/text at 915-216-7199 or by email at valeriea.cruz@gmail.com